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Yuval Harari warns about the potential of AI


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‘Why is data so important?’ – Yuval Noah Harari on 21 Lessons for the 21st Century


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Yuval Noah Harari. Nationalism vs. Globalism

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Ronald Inglehart’s World Values Survey

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Neil Gaiman: What kind of world do we want to live in? “All utopian futures are broken, because all utopian futures are built on and contain human beings — and we are broken,” says author Neil Gaiman. That, he adds, might not be as bleak as it sounds.

Juan Enriquez: We need to learn to rebuild our bodies Juan Enriquez, director of Synthetic Genomics, doesn’t pull punches. “If you believe in human rights and you believe in humanity being something truly special, we all have a moral, ethical responsibility to get humans off this planet,” he says. And that’s when things will get really interesting.

Sara Seager: Here’s how we’ll get to other planets — by printing humans “For now we have no way of getting to a planet far away,” says Sara Seager, a professor of planetary science and physics at MIT. Her solution? Forget hibernation or multigenerational spacecraft. Think DNA printing.

Jason Silva: How technology and human will finally become one“We wouldn’t be who we are without our technologies,” says media artist and futurist Jason Silva. And as our tools get better, faster, cheaper, we humans will change alongside them.

Tom Wujec: How we’ll plant a seed … and grow a table “Technology allows us to augment human capabilities,” says Autodesk Fellow Tom Wujec. It also allows us to rethink everything, even things we think we’ve pretty much nailed by now, like the design of a chair.

Nalo Hopkinson: Who gets left out of the future? “We need a better world,” says science fiction writer Nalo Hopkinson bluntly, and those who live on the fringes of society need that more than anyone. She uses her work to examine the present — and by extension, the future.

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Futurist and co-founder of Futures House Europe, Richard Watson speaks at TEDxMunich event (2011)

Richard Watson is a cutting-edge writer, speaker and thinker advising organisations on what the future holds, with a particular focus on strategic foresight and scenario planning. He is the publisher of the What’s Next report, an online magazine offering clear and concise commentary on trends in society, business, science & technology, government and the environment.

Richard is also co-founder of Futures House Europe (a specialist scenario-planning consultancy) and has written for various publications worldwide including Fast Company, Retail Banking Review and Future Orientation. Richard has also authored a number of critically acclaimed books. In Future Files: A History of the Next 50 Years (2008), he lays out what he believes will be the five most enduring drivers of change over the next decades: population ageing, the eastward shift of power, global connectivity, advances in technology and environmental change.

Future Minds: How The Digital Age is Changing Our Minds, Why This Matters and What We Can Do About It (2010), examines the impact technology is having on the way people think, interact and do business. In particular, Richard argues that as knowledge becomes increasingly automated, people will be rewarded for their ability to think creatively, rather than for their ability to recall facts. However, at the same time our ability to think deeply and creatively is being harmed by our increasingly frenetic and interconnected lifestyles. Richard’s book offers insights on how to maximise the positive potential of the digital economy, whilst minimising its downsides.

His two latest books are The Future: 50 Ideas You Really Need to Know (2012), which outlines what the world may look like in 2020, 2050 and even 2100, and Future Vision: Scenarios for the World in 2040, which is both an examination of risks and opportunities to come and a ‘how to guide’ about scenario planning.

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