OnLife Webinar with Nicole Dewandre

In this webinar, I will present the rationale underlying the Onlife Initiative and the Manifesto.

I shall also present my own proposal for reclaiming the distinction between humans, artefacts and nature, or, more precisely between agents, artefacts and nature. This proposal is inspired by Hannah Arendt’ work. I shall argue that the best criterion to distinguish agents, artefacts and nature lies in the “nature” of the interactions at stake much more than in the “nature” of the entities concerned. Thinking about humans as if they were machines undermines de facto any robust way to distinguish meaningfully humans from artefacts. So, paying more attention to what it means to consider an entity as an agent, or as an artefcat, or as part of nature is critical. This offers also a grounding for recognizing another distinction: that between control and orientation, and thereby take distance with the omniscient/omnipotent utopia and articulate freedom with responsibility, in an enlightened and confident perspective.


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09.07.2013 · 22:09

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